February 13, 2013

Ami and Aya came to Tokyo at age 15 armed only with their unique looks (with the obvious exception of each other), fashion sense and dreams of becoming musicians.

To get their names out there, the twins headed to the streets of pop-fashion mecca Harajuku to model for hair salons and have street snaps taken of them for magazines. By 17, the two were filling up pages in fashion mags such as mina, PS, Zipper, SEDA and CUTiE on the regular. They reached another milestone in their budding career in July of 2012 when the sisters published “AYA AMI BOOK,” which sold an impressive 40,000 copies, a record for the world of amateur models.

The two moved on to – fittingly – don the covers of prominent Shibuya-kei magazine Popsister, with the oh-so-true belief that “Fashion is freedom.” In line, the twins started producing their own brand, “jouetie,” which has by now expanded to six stores in the Tokyo area.

Now with a name for themselves, Ami and Aya have come full circle and have realized their dreams with the release of their debut album “TOKYO POP.” Easily contenders for hottest twins this side of the globe, and with the backing of major label Universal, AMIAYA are set to take on the world, country by country, with their very own brand of J-pop: Tokyo Pop.

Music Videos:
Dreamer’s Dream

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