March 27, 2013

Embodying their namesake, this four-piece is a sparkling example of the J-rock scene.

The band, managed by UK.PROJECT and releasing under RX-RECORDS, came together in 2001, and with their three full-lengths and five singles have slowly been bubbling to the mainstream despite their indie roots. 2010 saw Champagne tour Japan’s fest circuit, with high-profile performances at Rock in Japan and Summer Sonic.

Champagne’s sound is a melodic mix of  rock and pop – in our exclusive interview with the fun-loving crew they share some of their musical roots, namely Oasis and Michael Jackson. After hearing their songs, you might be able to pick up the disbanded U.K. supergroup’s Britpop influences, as well the melodic sharpness of the King of Pop.

The band is on the up and up, so make sure to stay dialed in for future releases and tour info.

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