Qoo Bee Little

April 3, 2013

Little is currently known about Tokyo-based Qoo Bee Little.

And there’s good reason too. She’s fresh off her first and only single, “Positivity,” but QBL’s got our attention already. When we met up with the free-spirited singer-songwriter and “Positivity” director Ryo Takebayashi to talk about her music, and the vid, we definitely felt the musician in her. Both up-and-coming artists in their own right, it’s a collab well worth checking out.

In our exclusive interview, the singer with the soft-but-distinct voice shares with us her roots as a fan of “band boom” frontrunners Glay and Judy and Mary, as well as Chara – you can feel both the rock and pop influences in QBL’s sound.

But there’s an underlying child-like playfulness to her compositions, which often make use of toys and other playroom objects, that when combined with her almost Chara-esque breathy vocals come together to create fun and original, affecting music.

Stay dialed in for more on this budding talent. And remember, you saw her first on MTV 81!

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