Shugo Tokumaru

February 6, 2013

Toys, frying pans and vuvuzelas… with this gifted musician, anything that produces sound is an instrument.

Born and raised in Tokyo, Tokumaru’s first foray into the world of sound was the piano during elementary school. After including the guitar into his repertoire, he joined a band called Gellers, made up of childhood friends, when he was 17 as one of the songwriters.

In 2003 he put together a demo album called “Fragment” that grabbed the ears of Music Related, which led him to officially release his first album, “Night Piece,” the following year. Since then, he’s been reverse-imported back to his home country of Japan, where he has gained a huge following of fans from all ages and walks of life with his universal sound.

Tokumaru writes and creates all of his songs alone – using his dream diary as inspiration -, as well as plays all of the instruments in his productions, something which most artists rarely do. It’s also the main reason for his sound continuing to distinctly “Tokumaru” even after years in the limelight. This is one truly unique artist.

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