January 23, 2013

After seven long years, Japanese entertainment giant Avex Trax has decided to get back on the idol band-wagon – taking a look around at the sheer number of idol groups these days, it’s not a big surprise.

Formed on New Year’s Day, 2010, TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE was created to emulate Japan’s capitol city’s flair for the unexpected, as well as Tokyo’s who-knows-where-we’ll-go-from-here vibes. These girls have done just that, steadily climbing up the charts in the last couple of years with tracks that range from your more typical ballads to the rock-infused, from disco-esque to K-pop-flavored beats, all while keeping a distinctly TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE, um, style.

And just like the capital, this all-singing, all-dancing crew is aiming to show the world what it’s got. In 2012 the group not only released material in both Hong Kong and Taiwan, but they also took the stage in Singapore, their first outing outside of Japan since formation, but definitely not the last – stay dialed in to MTV 81 for tour dates and more.

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