Yoshikuni Dohchin

April 24, 2013

Over the years Yoshikuni Dohchin has become a household name around Japan.

As one half of vocals-centric super-duo CHEMISTRY, he has pretty much been to the pinnacle of the J-pop scene and savored the view. Now, going solo under his own moniker, Dohchin is back with own brand of music, describing his sound as “tambient rock” (a combination of the Japanese word meaning “aesthetic,” “tanbi,” and “ambient”).

Kicking off his second career in 2012 with an inaugural live gig, “A La Musique,” at Tokyo’s Shibuya Kokaido, Dohchin made it clear that although he may have been part of a J-pop duo once before, he is now going back to his roots and rediscovering the rocker within. Now fresh off his debut full-length, fittingly titled “OUT THE BOX,” look out for more on MTV 81 from this star, rising for a second time.

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